A Glow That Dispels The Dark Ages.

Impatient to embrace the new? YLG introduces European Light Therapy (ELT) Facials.

  • ELT is a revolutionary technology that's popular in the finest salons in Europe. It is now in India, only at YLG
  • ELT guarantees a glow. See the difference as you step out of the Salon with a radiant glow.
  • ELT delivers Red and Blue Light for various skin types. It not only purifies and exfoliates skin, it also helps in increasing blood circulation and skin rejuvenation
  • ELT helps in deep penetration, maintaining the skin PH level.
  • ELT is the ultimate solution to various skin problems like sallow skin, sluggish skin, lymphatic drainage, painless blackhead removal, sun damage, pigmentation, sagging, acne, wrinkles and congested skin.
Premium Facials Cleanup
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European Light Therapy Facials
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