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YLG Institut By YLG

YLG Institut is India’s finest professionally managed beauty academy. At YLG Institut we train our students with the highest standard of professionalism in hair, skin & make-up in a high quality learning center. Aligned to our parent company’s goal of making every customer look great, YLG Institut ensures rigorous training for its students and exposes them to finer nuances in hair and beauty care.

Career Launcher Program : YLG Institut is proud to announce the launch of its new program – “Career Launcher” which will help kick start your career in the beauty industry in no time. The two month program offers in-depth modules in Hair & Beauty services. The flexible nature of the program allows you to pursue your other job/education without any interruption. With the promise of 100% guaranteed placement, the course fee of `14,000 can be recovered in two months.

With the promise of 100% Guaranteed Placement, this is an excellent opportunity!

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