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How to keep facial hair away longer

Brows, lips, chins, sideburns, a lot of women deal with a bit of extra hair than they’d like to admit. For some it is ethnicity and genetics, for others it is the shift in hormones. There a quite a lot of ways to keep them at bay. But never go for shaving. It is a strict “NO NO”. Shaving will leave you with stubbles, the rough, noticeable kind. So back away from that razor!

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Grooming in winter

There is a lot more to winter than warm clothes and hot soups. You can groom yourself in different ways for the winter. You only need to be a little aware of skincare, haircare and fashion trends.

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Stuff you didn’t know about waxing

Waxing is a necessary evil. You can’t keep doing it, can’t stop doing it either. But it’s probably the best way to rid your skin of body hair. When it comes to waxing you probably know the drill, but here are 5 things you didn’t know about waxing.

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Bikini Wax: Who needs it and who doesn’t

Going for a ‘Brazilian’? Here is what you need to know.

Some say it’s painful, at least the first time, some say it’s fun! But all agree it’s a longer lasting way to stay neat and clean ‘down under’. No pressure, if you don’t want it don’t succumb to it. But, hey

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